Celest Michelotti – Precious Metals and Gemstones



About Celest

Following two weeks as NASA’s guest at Kennedy Space Center, Celest began her metals career with her award winning “Echoes from the Future” Series.

Although a classically trained pianist, the metal “in her genes” demanded expression—her Grandfather, Father, and Brother have all worked with metals in a diversity of fields.

Inspired by the beauty of the colors and objects in the skies above, Celest Michelotti seeks to find colored gems, and golden and silvery textures that evoke the natural beauty of the cosmos in her jewelry, bringing you a piece of the sky for your adornment.Working in lush 22K gold, Michelotti creates her elegant, contemporary forms by both fabricating and casting.  Her trademark rich, glowing finishes are achieved with multi-layered surface techniques developed over time…a look unique to her work, her proprietary process.

Her designs continue to garner acclaim, including selection by the Society of American Goldsmith’s International Pearl Design Competition; her jewelry pictured in American Craft and Ornament Magazines;  a coveted Finalist position in the Niche Competition; her pieces carried in major galleries across the country.