Clydean Troner – Clay Art


About Clydean

I have worked in clay for nearly twenty years, the result of a lifelong love of pottery from a variety of cultural traditions. A studio trained potter, I acquired my skills in a variety of settings in Washington State and Arizona. Training encompassed tile making, hand building, wheel throwing, primitive pottery techniques and experience in a variety of firing techniques. In addition to classroom training, I have taken numerous workshops at the local and national level from accomplished clay artists.

My work is largely sculptural, but encompasses functional or tile clay work that employs designs and altered forms to impart an unusual quality, rendering the pieces unique in some way. Realism is not the goal, but instead I strive to express emotion through texturing, shaping, brushwork and carving. Not all sculptural subjects and forms inspire me; when they do I try to capture a feature that expresses character, humor, something unique and compelling.