Cris Hager – Metal



About Cris

Born in Mexico City, I was encouraged to paint and create art from an early age. After retiring I pursued my childhood dream. For several years I worked with more traditional mediums such as glass, watercolor and presently inks. I discovered this metal work while visiting my country.
I have worked for the last fifteen years in this medium and the artwork that I do is a form of Repujado or Repousee, which is actually of my own creation. The metal work that you see here is rare, an unexploited medium which is very detailed and challenging to make. It is also beautifully displayed.
My work is formed in sheets of aluminum, a semi-soft metal which is molded and embossed by hand using various tools to create the three dimensional quality of my pieces. As time passes, I find the real art is the arduous task of moving the metal to speak.
Every piece I create is designed individually, fashioned in rich color and texture; the pieces glow and display a mystical reflection. When hanging my work, I consider the play of light on the metallic lace color infused into the fabric of the aluminum.