Linda Needham – Mixed Media Photography


About Linda

Linda began to take photographs when she moved to Tucson in 2003, inspired by her love of the cactus flowers and hummingbirds she observed while hiking. Photography soon became a passion and she found there was a demand for her colorful prints selected from the thousands of photographs she has taken. Linda’s recent work involves scanning compositions of dried flowers and textured and colored glass to her computer to create images that can be manipulated in a software program to create unique prints. While not formally trained, Linda has been fortunate to learn a great deal from a community of neighboring artists who visit Tucson from all over the world to spend the winter months.
In Linda’s own words, “I love walking and hiking and I always look at things and think how they would look as a photograph! I am always challenging myself. It’s like hiking, I want to see what’s around the corner…”