Margaret Shirer – Fused Dichroic Glass


About Margaret

Margaret has lived in Tucson since 1976. After a ten year career in computer graphics with IBM, she realized a lifelong dream of working with glass to create artwork of light and color when she founded Meridian Glassworks in 1989. “Living in the Sonoran Desert,” Margaret says, “the flowering plants, desert landscapes, and animals all serve as continuous sources of inspiration.”

Combining the modern material – dichroic glass – with ancient techniques like fusing, slumping and lamp work, Margaret creates jewelry, masks, plates, bowls, and frames, and a wide range of glass creations. Each one seems to come alive in a continually changing dance of color.

Dichroic means having two or more colors. Dichroic glass is coated with extremely fine particles of metals like gold and titanium which reflect, refract, and transmit light at different wavelengths producing different colors. “Fusing is melting multiple pieces of glass together in a kiln,” or into a mold. And lamp work is melting glass over a torch to create beads. Margaret has received awards for her fused glasswork, and her creations are owned internationally by various collectors.