Pamela Howe – Paintings, Multi-Media and Jewelry



About Pamela

I am pleased to say that a very nice article was written about me and published in Tucson Happenings, an online (only) magazine. If you go to their website and click on the October 2016 issue, you will be able to read all about me…!

I am also delighted that Jamela (Ha-MAY-La) multi-media figures and wall-hangings are now part of Desert Artisans’ Gallery. I have co-created these for over 25 years with Jan Nell Bettes, my friend and art partner. Each piece is carefully constructed, has a hand-sculpted face, and is augmented with natural items such as bone, deerskin, and minerals, as well as copper, semi-precious stones, metals, and canvas. Each unique piece tells a story.

Back in my studios (one for oils, one for watercolors, jewelry, and Jamela, and a shed for re-imagined sculptures) I am busily creating as the mood (or deadline) strikes. Enjoy my imaginative artwork at Desert Artisans; feel free to contact me through the Gallery.