Richard Rohrbough – Photography


About Richard

From working with commercial king Joel Sedelmeier in Chicago (“Where’s the Beef?”) to an appearance on David Letterman (Stupid Pet Tricks), to video awards and another TV appearance on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, Richard comes to photography with an eye for the artistically unusual.
The road didn’t start with a camera but did involve decades in the arts world.

Now a Tucsonan, Richard shows work at the Tucson Museum of Art (art fairs), and other venues around town not the least of which is the Desert Artisans’ Gallery “I particularly like finding the very “personal picture” of whatever the subject happens to be: animals, missions, plants, sunsets or portraits of animals and people. “I want my pictures to make unusual statements about the subject, to present the unique.”

Richard is mostly from Chicago, New York City and Ohio and was a professional actor for thirty five years.