Robert Buehler – Oil and Charcoal


About Robert

I’m attracted to strong lighting and light that captures a moment.  I’ve been in Tucson for more than 50 years and feel fortunate to live in a place that offers stunning early morning and late day light.   I try to capture that.

I’ve come to painting late in life, following a long career in finance and portfolio management.  While I was pursuing that career (and being a husband, father, and grandfather), I painted.  Most of my early attempts were throwaways.  OK, all of them.  But I come by stubbornness through family DNA, I suppose, so I began enrolling in workshops taught by professional artists, probably 15 years ago.  Something clicked.  Several of my supportive instructors encouraged me to stay at it, and to ‘keep the brush to the canvas’, and to ‘paint miles of canvas,’ which I’ve done.

My work is mostly oil, but I’m also attracted to charcoal as a medium for portraiture and figurative studies.  I retired a couple of years ago, and traded in a business suit for an artist’s apron.  Now I spend much of my time in the studio, ‘painting miles of canvas.’

I appreciate your interest in my work.   Please enjoy.