Wanita Christensen – Oil


About Wanita

One of Wanita’s earliest memories was of a prized box of watercolors. She was heartbroken when younger siblings played with her colors and got them “dirty”. With such a passion for color at such an early age art was destined to be an integral part of her life.

She obtained her degree in art from North Texas State University. Unfortunately, her art career was interrupted by the demands of the family business. Now that the business has been sold, she can pursue her art full time and utilize the business experience to further her art career.

Wanita’s work attempts to show the beauty of nature as encountered in the environment. She takes a subject and presents it in such a way as to make the viewer aware of the beauty that can be encountered in the everyday world. Even a common old tree along the side of the road can be a thing of luminous beauty when manifested by the abstraction of light and shadow.

Education: degree in art from North Texas State University: Warren Hunter School of Art, San Antonio, Texas. Workshops on painting under Robert Wade, Zoltan Szabo, Tony Couch, Vie Dunn-Harr, Jim Wilcox and others.

Galleries: Regional Artist Consortium, River Art Gallery, Alamo Kiwanis Charities Western Art Show 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Art Associations: River Art Group, Oil Painters of America, Durango Art Center, Friday Plein Air Painters (Durango, Colorado).