Ana Laura González: Never Losing Focus

One of Desert Artisans’ Gallery’s newest artists, nature photographer Ana Laura Gonzales, was featured in the gallery enewsletter in October. Here is her artist spotlight:

It is only when you can forget about the everyday world and begin to focus on those magical moments in Nature that you can capture amazing pictures of another world. Nature photographer Ana Gonzalez has managed to record the most amazing outdoor scenes with her camera. Getting started as a nature photographer began early in her adult life, when she worked in a camera department during her college days. It wasn’t until years later that Ana was able to buy a ‘real’ camera to begin her photography journey.

Mentoring from nature photographers in an amateur camera club began her journey into photographing plants, insects, birds and mammals in their natural environment. The beautiful images she produced inspired Ana’s friends to encourage her to consider her photographs as Art, and to submit her work for inclusion in art exhibits.

Ana goes out with her camera on a regular basis and hopes to capture amazing images. Sometimes she is fortunate and is able to forget the world and the pictures come to her. Then the hard work begins…the editing of the images. It takes several edits before an image reflects what she felt at the moment she snapped the shutter. When the end result is what she envisioned, and everything works well together, she knows she has been successful! Ana’s photographs can be seen year-round at the Desert Artisans’ Gallery in Tucson, Arizona.



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