Ever Dream of Writing & Illustrating a Book?

Ever find yourself imagining writing, illustrating and publishing a book?  That is exactly the dream of one of Desert Artisans’ Gallery’s long-time artists and former gallery President, Pamela D. Howe, which she has made a reality. 

Moon and Raven Book One   A dog. A bird. A quest.” by Pamela D. Howe

After 10 years of the book being in progress, it has recently been published!

Pamela D. Howe’s chapter book for young readers includes over 50 illustrations and 183 pages.

As Pamela explains, “Moon and Raven Book One   A dog. A bird. A quest.”, has been bubbling up from my subconscious for over 10 years.  It is about two lovable characters who find themselves drawn together by Fate as part of a promise whispered many years ago. Their path leads them into real-life situations that require courage, empathy, and determination. Along the way, Moon of the Shining Waters and Raven White Toe show how loyal friendships can develop between unlikely species. Their quest, finding their life-purpose, unfolds through dangers, relationships, and revelations. When they reach The Haven and live among the Evolved Ones, they are inspired to understand and appreciate diversity.”


The canine character, ‘Moon’, looks and acts much like Pamela’s dog of 14 years named Moon. He was brave, loyal, protective, and fun. She has many of his photos to use for her illustrations.

Above, “Sad Baby Moon” and “Mouse Riding Moon” are illustrations by Pamela D. Howe


The Raven is modeled after the Animal Medicine Cards; he is the wise one who intuits messages from the Void. In order to portray the raven, Pamela uses photos taken at the Desert Museum and in the wild, along with details she researched. 

Above: Pamela’s “Raven Portrait” and “Conference at the Pond”

Book One develops their unusual bond of friendship through adventures and twists as they follow Fate in search of their legendary purpose. Pamela couldn’t resist including a few fantasy Beings and a very crooked, very ancient tree who once lived as a man. . .

Book Two

Moon & Raven Book Two   A dog. A bird. A girl.  is currently on the drawing board, a story-in-progress, but will continue the theme with more surprise situations as the two head back to their beginning place to fulfill their purpose.  Stay tuned for the release date!

Reflections & Inspirations

Pamela’s books have real-life situations that she hopes inspire strong, loving relationships between species and our natural environment. She also hopes readers will recognize the remarkable role pets play in our daily lives; especially dogs who freely offer companionship, protection, therapy, disease detection, combat service, illegal drug detection, K-9 Unit service, and much more.

By sharing our homes, pets allow us to have a close, loving relationship with an animal; that, in turn, provides the link that opens our hearts to animals at large. All that while wagging their tail.

Special Book Event – November 14th, 2020

Pamela will be signing books from 10-3 at the
Holiday Bazaar on November 14th.
She will present two Meet-and-Greet opportunities outside/on the patio at
10:30 and 1:30 to talk about Moon & Raven Book One and answer questions. Pamela will also have a gift item for those who purchase the book during the Holiday Bazaar.

There are over fifty illustrations in the book! Desert Artisans’ Gallery fans may be familiar with some of the artwork – some may even own art that is in the book!

“Finders” by Pamela D. Howe

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